We have 3 clinics in different locations, and a team of specialists, dedicated to help you. We care about all the details, so you can enjoy an excellent service.


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We have 3 clinics in different locations, and a team of specialists, dedicated to help you. We care about all the details, so you can enjoy an excellent service.


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Clinical Director

Over my 23 years of experience, I have worked closely with the people around me and I realized that many did not know the importance of oral hygiene habits and did not have access to the necessary care. This led me to bet on innovation, and create this clinic as a way to bring dentistry to those who need it most. Through fully portable equipment we can assist our patients anytime and anywhere, being always present when they need us. It is with this proximity that we work daily with our community, with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of oral health care, especially among the youngest, so that they can have all the care from an early age.

Clinical staff

Know better the elements of our team, who will accompany you.

The happiness of a healthy smile is your greatest satisfaction. He loves to practice Stand-Up Paddle, walk and dance.
MIHAELA, Dental assistant
He is passionate about diving and playing drums.
Dr. Gonçalo, Dentist - Endodontist
One of its main goals is to restore the most beautiful movement in the human body, the smile. Film and music are his greatest passions
Dra. Ana Margarida, Dentist - Generalist
Its main objective is to provide excellent smiles and good oral health. Its watchword is prevention. Your free time is occupied with broadening your horizons by traveling.
Dra. Ana Montez, Oral Hygienist
Out of personal passion, he dedicates his life to study and research, to the growth and development of the skull, jaws and their alterations, from childhood to adulthood. With craniofacial dentistry and orthodontics with their multiple techniques, in their permanent updates. After more than two decades of professional experience in these areas, she feels fulfilled for being able to restore function and smile to people who never thought they could smile again.
Dra. Mafalda, Orthodontist and Pediatric Dentist
Dr. Rodrigo
Dentist with several trainings in the area of Orafacial Harmonization. Harmonizing the smile with the face is essential for anyone looking for a beautiful smile and high self-esteem. Sports lover, practices Kitesurf and CrossFit.
Dra. Lívia, Dentist - Dentistry and Orofacial Harmonization
Tatiana Taveira
Géssica, Dental assistant
Over the years, an individual’s mental health can undergo several changes that are influenced by events, relationships, experiences, biological factors. That’s why it’s important to stay alert, take care of your body and mind, and not be afraid to ask qualified professionals for help.
Dr. Patrick Roque, Clinical Psychologist
Cognitive dysfunction, dementias, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, learning difficulties, neurodevelopmental disorders. Rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation.
Dra. Carina, Neuropsychologist
Dr Catarina follows an approach based on scientific evidence with the main objective of promoting healthy habits, and behavioral changes respecting personal habits and characteristics. Interested in series, movies and physical exercise.
Dra. Catarina Afonso, Nutritionist
Osteopathy is a therapeutic practice with philosophy, assessment methods
and diagnosis, centered on the patient's individuality and
interrelation of their body structures and systems.
Dr. Nuno Pires - osteopathy
Dra Sara Couto - orthodontist
Dr. Diana Costa - Pediatric Dentist